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Zapata Exploration Apache Project Pegmatite dikes in PreC granite.

Apache (Au)

  • The El Apache property, located in Sonora, Mexico, covers 6,538 hectares in one concession known as El Apache. The property is in a prime location, 10 km east of Mexico's largest gold mine, La Herradura complex, and 10 km south of La Choya mine.
  • El Apache is largely covered by sand and gravel in the Sonoran Desert and sits in the center of a highly prospective area within the prolific Sonora-Mojave megashear gold belt. A small outcrop of a biotite gneiss surrounded by eolic sands sits in the middle of large northwest-oriented magnetic low that suggest the presence of structures favorable to gold mineralization in Sonora.
  • Work to date includes surface reconnaissance, interpretation of the government's magnetic data and limited surface sampling in two small outcropping hills. 
  • Future work will entail ZTEM, detailed magnetometry, bleg sampling, and enzyme leach-type geochemical surveys to identify drill targets.
Apache V2 Map.png
Apache Map Detail.png
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